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Television channels that you follow

The unit of d e l n playing in the baffrol or side roles? What is the woman or men presented in ads? In what position groups are more in the news, in which position is held. It does not matter the fact that the stereotypes are positive or negative; Both are generalization and sometimes our exposures can lead to a stereotype negative calls that are tif.

Gürsel Yakt> L oow (2010). To be the other or aliens ink America in America. PLAR 1: Mass

The hegemonic struggle on the television representations we mentioned earlier with stereotypes are even more. The stereotypes are also effective in the process of undertaking the representation of social groups. Stereotypes

In the first quarter of the summary of the summary of the mass transmitting, the first century of transmitting and culture, transmitting and culture association is also emphasized in a strong way. In the 1950s, the television in the 1950s, television also attracts the attention of the sociologists as an important mass communication vehicle that feeds the culture and transmitter association of culture and transmittance. The role of kiflisal, social and political requirements in the increase in this importance of this importance of the television, which is one of the eyesight of the eye. Have a multi-expensive audience, undertook a social adaptation task to undertake many subculture and sub-audience groups of this audience, and to assume a socially adaptation of a look at the culture of the beech culture, with the tuna, other mass communication vehicles in the The significant information has been put into the source. The television also produces a social structure dominating or planning message systems and symbols, such as other mass communication tools. The first is a cultural instrument that produces various values ​​and norms in the same time in a Deyiflle CRAFL cultures. The television, which is analyzed from this opening, television is a aesthetic object as a aesthetic object. Television is considered the new face of stories of tribal origin. It is a ritual side of the tribe that is mentioned herein. These rituals assist who they are and what they are and what they are, and the attitudes are organized and the meaning of how they are loaded and the changes.

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