By | July 20, 2021

In the face of these claims, not to remember the famous promise in the Bible: “The greatest crafty of the devil is to believe us that it is not.”

In fact, a free competition order as Adam Smith was promised, only in some textbooks; never earned reality in real life. In fact, all the markets are the owner of the international market. The international market is not an invisible hand, such as all markets; Increasingly, the IMF is the dominant of international monopolies embodied in international foci such as the World Bank. Most win-win casino roulette! Manage to collect your winnings!

On the earth, a “giant companies and dwarf states” started the period. (2) The number of five of the five-national company has 70 percent of the world trade.

Expanding to globalization, the expanding activities of the activities, which are expanding to the Economic Power foci, the only polarized world, creates the main restraint of the political advantages and the political advantages of the G7 ring, which is located in the world, and represent the main base of the power of the G7 ring in which it is located in the world and represent the principal release of this power.

In the views that are explained until today, we come across an example of the fact that the real face of the fact that the fact of globalization is increasingly apparent to the fact that the famous British writer Bernard Shaw writes.

Bernard Shaw, as a member of Fabian Society as a member of this century, it has revealed views that exhibit the real face of this phenomenon as an indirect consequence of today’s globalization in the fabriciousness and an Imperial booklet.

According to Shaw, “The idea that a nation has the right to have the right to do the interests of the remaining part of the world without the evasion without the evil, it has no longer validated.” Because SHAW, the world was seen as a common property of humanity and effective use of world resources, all other “narrow national interests” compared to the priority. Therefore, the ideal solution could have been the establishment of a world federation. However, the SHAW that accepts that this development was very far, “the most responsible Imperial Federation in the existences (Imperial Federation) has defended it. (3)

This very friendly description is indefuted, of course, it is not something other than the establishment of a single and universal empire regime instead of the full independence principle of the full independence of imperialism under the sovereignty of imperialism, in other words, in other words, in other words, in many independent and democratic regimes.

Nowadays, it is slightly understood every day that the waiting of the world is said to be global. The restructuring process performed in international economic relations, has added the tendency to make the stronger stronger. In this way, the international capital increased the ability to reflect the burden of the depression to the extent that unprecedented.

The International Capital has accessed a power that has never fitted to the dimensions of a public audit. General Motors’ Ciros, Denmark; Ford’s South Africa; Toyota’s is the gross domestic product of Norway. (4)

The fact that the capital has become such a great force of internationally dimensions, it eliminates the importance of national power and increasingly burying the nation state history.

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